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My story through the words of Simona Poli & Nik Zanella.

Alessandra’s artistic journey starts in Naples, a town nurturing art and passion with the same lively energy she reserves for her renown volcano. Bursts of bright creativity erupt along the flanks of the Vesuvio; Alessandra is one of them.

Napoli’s graceful energy can be seen in Alessandra’s flower compositions, canvas and installations, a passion that has taken her around the world for the past 20 years.

After relocating to London in 1999, (chasing a job at the MTV studios), she worked in different industries with the dream of selling flowers out of a refurbished Ape Piaggio, the iconic Italian three-wheeler.

Alessandra spent the first 25 years of her professional life challenging herself in the fields of fashion and art, consulting for major companies, and often incorporating flowers in her visual projects.

For the past 15 years Alessandra has dedicated herself to fine dining, researching her culinary heritage and proposing elegant menus based on natural ingredients that she peppers with her flowers-centred artsy touch.

Thirty years into her voyage, Alessandra has absorbed every shade of the varied cultural landscapes she has crossed, always keeping art and flower composition at the centre of her cosmo.

Alessandra’s creations take inspiration from the patterns of wild flowers blending with the surrounding nature. Adhering to the ethical credo of sustainability, she doesn’t use any floral foam. There’s no paper nor plastic in her bouquets: stems are held together by hand dyed painted silk ribbons and Linen or cotton. Everything is organic and reusable. Withered petals are not even disposed of, after use: she dries them out for 18-24 months and reuses them, infusing them with new artistic life.

As a result her canvas are reminiscent of late-renaissance’s ‘natura morta’, the favourite genre among Naples’ artistic elite of the XVII century. Alessandra, like Giuseppe Recco and Giovan Battista Ruoppolo before her, is a masters in using dry and fresh flowers to depict the harmony of light and shadow.

Alessandra’s interest for Australian botany has led her to in-depth studies of the Australian Native Flora and Fauna & lots of constant learning from local flower farmers and gardeners.

Her suppliers are farmers and gardeners based between Sydney and the Greater Port Macquarie region, that she personally selects for quality and sustainability of their products. The flowers she uses are unique and autochthonous, grown in rhythm with the four seasons, without any chemical product. Supporting a small, clean production-chain is the fulcrum of her artistic and social commitment.

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